Rare and beautiful objects & original souvenirs

In the Lütetsburg Castle Park Shop, we offer for sale various original and valuable mementos of your park visit.

Rare, exquisite and regional products, objects of value and beauty, and also of use – you are warmly welcome to come and browse! A product line created especially for us is adorned with drawings of historical costumes and paintings of the family of Lütetsburg Castle counts, giving them that "certain something."

Special highlights include our wines from the estate of Baron Knyphausen, as well as a reproduction of the historic Knyphausen doubloon from 1807, which you can also enjoy as chocolate.

The park shop goes out of its way to consider children's' interests. They can stock up on knight's requirements of all shapes and sizes, bring home the family’s heraldic animal – a lion – as a piece of jewellery, or explore the park with their newly acquired explorer's equipment.

Your Castle Park Shop team looks forward to your visit!


Parkshop Schloss Lütetsburg

Landstr. 39, 26524 Lütetsburg
Tel.: +49 (0)4931 – 975 54 15
[email protected]

Opening hours: 

April – October:
Monday – Sunday: 10 – 18 Uhr
(closure possible due to weather conditions)