Staffages: Beautiful places of memories 

In garden architecture, staffages are called eye-catchers. They direct the park visitor to a place with a special view, a small pavilion or, as in the castle park here, to the Temple of Friendship or the view of Caroline Island with the monument of the same name. 

Staffages are to be understood as dedications, which at the time the builders integrated into the concept of the landscape garden in remembrance of personal life events. This was also the case when, in 1790, Imperial Baron Edzard Mauritz zu Inn- und Knyphausen had the Baroque garden transformed into an English landscape garden. Ponds and watercourses were dug, elevations were built, new foreign trees and plants were planted, and finally monuments and commemorative buildings were created, which today make up the special charm of the castle park.  

Behind every piece of staffage, of course, there is a story and meaning, and if you take your children on a tour of the park with the children's audio guide, for example, you will learn exciting things about the temples, monuments and squares. Or you can grab the park guide, available in the park shop, and learn more about the inscriptions on the park benches, the stone pyramid or the Bosse hut. Along the way, the brochure gives visitors authentic insights into the East Frisian family history of the castle owners.


Schlosspark Lütetsburg
Landstr. 39 | 26524 Lütetsburg

A car park is located opposite the entrance.

Opening hours:

Lütetsburg Castle Gardens is open for you all year round:

May - September: 8 – 21 Uhr
October – April: 10 – 17 Uhr